Trance Healing

Trance Healing involves the transfer of spiritual healing energy to the client from spirit. The main difference between other healing modalities and trance healing is the state of consciousness of the trance healer. The Trance Healer enters a deep trance state in order to create a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world.

Lana is able to connect with spirit when she reaches this deep trance state  which allows her to raise the vibration of her client. Lana is very much aware of the power and intelligence of the spirit world and understands that is it a natural state. She also knows that spirit works in multiple vibrational levels.

What To Expect With Trance Healing

Trance HealingLana likes to use a massage table for trance healing. While laying down on her table, she will place her hands under your head. At this point your body will be gin to relax and you may begin to feel warmth coming from Lana’s hands. This is an indication that the process has begun. As Lana enters into a trance state, your body may feel very light or extremely heavy, different people experience this in different ways. This feeling will let you know that spirit is there to begin the Trance Healing by connecting with you through Lana.

When your body enters this state of total relaxation, it is encouraged to begin healing itself. A wonderful sense of peace and well being envelopes the body, which often creates a euphoric state for the client. In this state calm, warm healing vibrations are often experienced. Clients who experience trance Healing often report that they have the best nights sleep of their life. You may even notice less stress and anxiety for several weeks after the first session.

Lana has been connecting with spirit since she was a young child, although her abilities were not embraced by her family growing up. Over the last 20 years she has continued to develop her connection with spirit and now has reached the point that she is ready to embrace a new realm, Trance Healing. In the realm of Trance healing, Lana works with three main spirits:

  • Matthew works with Lana on the physical realm
  • Petra works with Lana in emotional realms
  • Chin works with Lana in spiritual realms

Lana connects with other spiritual healers depending on the needs of her clients. Some of the others she commonly connects with durung Trance Healing sessions include Archangels Michael, Germaine, Raphael and Uriel. Mother Mary’s special touch is always available when needed

Lana is eternally grateful to spirit for working with her. She is available for Trance Healing sessions in Dallas and New Orleans.

Trance Healing is not used to replace medical care and treatment in any way. You should always seek medical advice for any health related issues since Trance Healing is considered to be a complimentary for of therapy.