Hypnotic Massage

Hypnotic Massage is just one reason Lana is considered a special massage therapist. Lana is a special massage therapist for many other reasons. She has training in many related and perhaps seemingly unrelated moralities that she includes when she gives a massage. She may include Reiki, Myofascial Release, Trance Healing, Hypnosis, Mediumship, Energy Medicine or her intuitive ability to enhance your experience on her massage table.

Hypnotic MassageSome people just want a massage, but if a deceased loved one comes with them for their massage, Lana will usually ask before relaying a message to her client. She prefers to work within the belief system of her clients in all the work she does, so she makes a point to ask before providing messages from the other side.

It is not uncommon for Lana to include a brief guided visualization at the end of a massage. This may well include hypnotic language addressed to the client or the body of the client to reinforce the physical work done during the massage. This adds a new dimension to the massage experience.

Often Lana uncovers other deep seated issues during a massage that may require additional work in a separate session, which may be focused more on Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Trance Healing or one of the other modalities listed above. Your massage may be a doorway to additional healing transformations available when you return to see Lana again and again.

Depending on what is going on with you, Lana may suggest a series of massages to assist your body in returning to a healthy, vibrant state. Other forms of therapy may actually enhance your massage experience, including hypnotic massage.

What is Hypnotic Massage?

Hypnotic MassageOK, so I am dancing around the topic, Hypnotic Massage, exactly what is that? Lana has been involved with hypnosis since 2003 and is a Certified Hypnotherapist as well as a Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer. During the hypnotic massage, Lana provides suggestions to your subconscious mind to accept the various massage processes and enable to body to integrate these processes to enhance the experience.

The Hypnotic Massage is an amazing experience that takes massage to another level, and when combined with her latest passion, Trance Healing, Hypnotic Massage offers even more benefits to the client. The touch of massage, the hypnotic suggestions and Healing are all a part of a Massage By Lana.

The fact is you always get more than you expect when you schedule an appointment with Lana, regardless of the reason you decide to come see her for a session, Lana will know what you need most and provide you with a wonderful healing experience whether you schedule a massage, Trance Healing or a Hypnotic Massage.